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Welcome to 4e WoW

4e WoW is a homebrew conversion of World of Warcraft for 4th Edition D&D.

Why 4e WoW[]

The goal of this wiki is to produce a WoW RPG using the 4e D&D system, not to produce new races and classes for 4e players to add into their other campaigns. WoW is a great game, but it is a computer game and many of the bookkeeping elements which WoW includes are too encumbering to use in a pen and paper rpg. As 4e is a good, complete system on its own, the goal is to modify the system as little as possible. In essence 4e is the framework and WoW is the skin.

General Conversion Comments and Rules[]


Miscellaneous Rules[]

Misc rules

WoW Races[]

Alliance: Draenei Dwarf Gnome Human Night Elf
Horde: Blood Elf Tauren

WoW Classes[]

DeathKnight Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior


Defias Brotherhood